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AI-Powered Recruitment Hacks to Find the Best Talent

With the ever-changing job market, recruiters are often overloaded with hundreds of applications. In fact, almost 52 percent of HR professionals say the most challenging part of recruiting is finding the right candidate from a large applicant pool.

This is where AI-powered HR technology comes into the picture. Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the hiring process, allowing hiring managers to be more proactive in recruiting and sourcing better candidates. Studies show that 99 percent of the Fortune500 companies already have AI tools within their hiring plans. A recent survey conducted by Gartner shows that 17 percent of companies use AI-powered technology in their HR processes, and another 30 percent plan to do so in 2022.

Apart from the more obvious benefits such as shorter time-to-hire and higher quality hires, HR software also presents other ways that contribute to organizational success. In this article, we will talk about the four AI-powered recruitment hacks that can help target and streamline recruitment strategy. 

AI in Recruitment

AI in recruitment refers to technology designed to streamline repetitive, time-consuming, and high-volume tasks, allowing recruiters to increase productivity, reduce time-to-hire, and improve the overall hiring efficiency. AI-powered HR software can perform tasks such as scheduling interviews with candidates, using algorithms to screen applicants and engaging them in some form of conversation. It can also help recruiters with blind screening for reduced bias and improve the candidate experience. Overall, AI is an indispensable part of an efficient recruitment process.

“AI should be implemented first at the very start of the hiring process; the application review. Not only will AI remove the labor-intensive side to this task but, in time, a machine could be better at reviewing applications than a human. Machines avoid the inherent the biases that we humans possess and with access to the companies entire ATS they could automatically recommend the candidate for other positions in the business too”

Joe, Senior Recruiter at Electronic Arts (EA)

AI-Powered Recruitment Hacks

Recruitment Hack #1: Automate high-volume tasks to improve the screening process

Most traditional recruitment strategies are time-consuming and can only handle one or several positions at once. For high-volume recruitment, HR leaders need to find a unique approach to sourcing high-volume candidates. According to the Aptitude Research report, more than six in ten companies have high-volume recruitment needs, but 48 percent say they are struggling to attract quality talent and prevent candidate dropoff. Luckily, there are ways to simplify the process.

Recruitment tools can help identify irrelevant resumes and allow faster and more efficient screenings. They filter through a much larger number of resumes faster than humans, so they can be an indispensable tool in high-volume hiring when properly programmed. By automating manual hiring tasks, companies can reduce their time to hire by 75 percent. With the help of AI-powered software, hiring teams can also automatically source additional information about candidates from the internet. AI can analyze the candidates’ online presence and evaluate the strongest passive and active candidates for the role.

Recruitment Hack #2: Engage candidates with recruiter chatbots

Regular updates on the progress are crucial to your candidate experience. Unfortunately, the large volume of applications that need to be processed means that candidates often get lost in the process, with the resulting silence prompting them to look elsewhere. Rather than leaving these candidates hanging, HR managers can use AI-powered tools to manage their communication with candidates.

Candidate engagement is where AI should be implemented first because if candidates can get insights on where they are in the recruitment process, it may reduce the trend of ghosting.”

Jim Stroud, Global Head of Sourcing and Recruiting Strategy at Randstad Sourceright US.

AI-driven software, commonly known as chatbots, can ensure that a company delivers a positive candidate experience. Chatbots can help simplify the hiring process by:

  • Sourcing passive candidates 
  • Screening applications
  • Interacting with active candidates who apply for the role on a company’s site
  • Answering any queries a candidate may have about the job position 24/7
  • Setting up interviews according to the recruiter and the candidate’s availability

Integrating chatbots into the recruitment strategy can save time and money for the company, bring high-quality candidates, deliver insights into candidate behaviors, and improve the hiring experience for both the recruiter and the job seeker.

Recruitment Hack #3: Source passive candidates to enrich your talent pipeline

Unfortunately, top talents are often employed already. Statistics show that three-quarters of candidates are open to new job opportunities, but only 15 percent are actively looking. Often referred to as passive candidates, these candidates present a set of challenges for recruiters as they don’t typically apply for open vacancies or get in touch with hiring companies.

Sourcing and communicating with passive candidates can be a challenge, but it becomes much easier with the help of technologies. AI algorithms can significantly improve sourcing processes by compiling and analyzing a massive data set of information, including passive candidates’ social media profiles, past online activities, and other types of data. Using marketing-like campaigns, AI-powered tools can also send targeted information to potential candidates, enriching the talent pipeline.

Finally, AI software can efficiently screen potential candidates’ profiles for skills or experience required for a specific role. Moreover, it effectively spots red flags that indicate when a candidate is not who they claim to be. At Employa, we use AI to source thousands of passive candidates’ resumes to help match and score applicants, simplifying the recruitment process altogether.

Recruitment Hack #4: Create the perfect job description with AI

To attract exceptional talent, it is essential that job postings clearly show what an employer is looking for and accurately reflect the role’s specific responsibilities. According to the Job Seeker Survey, 43 percent of workers find job descriptions too generic for the actual job. The right AI recruitment software can help recruiters craft the perfect job description to attract the right talent.

AI can analyze job descriptions in real-time, highlighting jargon and words that seem particularly masculine or feminine, among other issues. It can also predict how different people will respond to the job description and suggest alternatives. AI can also help insert keywords to achieve maximum visibility for job seekers looking for a particular job. A well-worded description can widen the talent pool for recruiters by attracting more candidates to apply for the job.

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