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Greenhouse Software and Employa Enhance Recruiting Process with Advanced Candidate Sourcing Integration

Employa is pleased to announce its newest strategic partnership with Greenhouse Software that brings a tightly integrated candidate sourcing solution to Greenhouse’s powerful software. The direct connection between Employa MatchMiner’s sourcing tools and Greenhouse’s ATS allows clients to quickly fill their talent pipeline with qualified candidates by leveraging the database of resumes the company has collected in Greenhouse Software.

“We are really excited to be partnered with Greenhouse as both of our companies are looking forward to helping our customers to be great at hiring,” says Irina Smirnova, Chief Marketing Officer of Employa. “With this integration, Greenhouse’s ATS users will be able to improve their quality of hire and shorten the hiring process.”

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software is growing in popularity as more recruiters realize the need to optimize their hiring processes. This trend towards tech recruitment – where recruiters can use AI-powered technology to find and hire candidates – benefits companies by allowing them to find and hire candidates faster. However, with the increased demand for jobs, companies experience challenges with sourcing talent and identifying qualified candidates. Together, Employa and Greenhouse Software solve this problem by providing an efficient ATS software with advanced sourcing tools to clients who seek to find and hire top talent faster.

About Employa

Employa is a tech recruitment software that aims to make the recruitment process easier. It provides tech recruitment services and ATS add-ons focused on sourcing, screening, and ranking best-matched tech candidates.

About Greenhouse

Greenhouse Software is the fastest-growing provider of enterprise talent acquisition software that has helped more than 4000 companies to optimize their hiring processes. Greenhouse has been recognized as a leading hiring software company by many rankings and industry analyst research reports.

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