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Hospital Recruitment Software: Guide on How to Choose the Right Tool  

Recruitment software can help your organization to optimize the recruitment process. Currently, a hiring manager can come across many recruitment software solutions. However, when faced with a choice to select software to be used for recruitment from among the many digital solutions available on the market, you should select the one that is right for a size of your organizations, friendly in everyday use, and has all the functions to make recruitment effective. Your chosen solution should help you to process a high number of resumes, place job ads, facilitate interview scheduling, survey candidates, ensure that the chosen candidate is the right fit for your hospital, and more.

So how can you find the right recruitment software among tens of available options? The following few simple tips will help you ask the right questions and choose the right solution for your hospital:

Identify Needs

Make sure that selected recruitment software possesses adequate functionality and meets your expectations. A large health system with a recruitment department serving several hospitals has different recruitment needs compared to a smaller hospital. Available functions are supposed to meet your organization’s recruiting needs and eliminate redundant recruitment tasks. You can think of your current recruitment process to determine what functions a software should have. As recruitment practice shows, useful functions of recruitment software include informing candidates that you have received their application, creating and maintaining a database of candidates and unsolicited applications, compliance with data protection regulations, an interview guide, candidate competencies template, job ads template, and a system of ranking and sorting candidates.

Check for Compatibility

Find out whether the recruitment solution you are considering is compatible with other solutions and system you are using. Keep in mind that the recruitment tool should be easily integrated with other systems to enable you to transfer data to your human resources management system, place job ads on different job boards, and integrate the new solution with recruitment tests. If the recruitment software is compatible with the other solutions you use, your recruitment tasks will be significantly easier to perform.

Choose an Easy-to-Use and Flexible System

Choose user-friendly recruitment software. Depending on the staffing needs of your hospital, you may need to use the software from several times a week, whereas another manager may need to access it once a week. Therefore, all the users involved in recruiting should be able to use the basic functions of the recruitment solution without lengthy training or many difficulties. However, you need to find an optimal balance between the need for a powerful solution and ease of use. In this regard, software making it possible to turn off certain functions used infrequently may be a good choice.

Ask Questions

The best way to check usability of a recruitment tool is to ask the company selling software direct questions, ask for a demonstration, look through instructional guide, and ask if it is possible to try using the software.

Evaluate the Quality of Support

Find out whether the company marketing recruitment software provides technical support that you can turn to when you have issues or questions. Prior to choosing software, evaluate the quality of support. In particular, ask:

  • whether the company offers a guide with answers to frequently asked questions
  • what is average response time of support desk
  • whether the company provides training on how to use the software
  • if there is a contact person to whom you can turn to for guidance and advice

Remember, using advice from the five points listed above will help you to select an optimal recruitment software solution that will fully meet your organization’s expectations and staffing needs and make your recruitment easier and more effective.

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