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How to Increase Lever Performance

The process of recruitment and selection is one of the most important tasks of the HR department within a company. Not only is recruiting key to ensuring your organization fills its open positions, but it’s essential in determining whether you choose the right people to join your team. 

Companies that want to hire efficiently and deliver positive candidate experience need sophisticated technology to optimize their recruitment process. Only then can they remain competitive in the talent market and win the very best candidates. Fortunately, a new generation of HR tools has emerged that builds on traditional ATS functions to maximize performance. In this article, we will look at Lever, the number one ATS software, and give you some insights on how you can get the most value out of Lever with the use of additional recruitment tools.

Lever Recruiting Software

Lever is a leading web-based ATS that makes it easy for talent acquisition specialists to reach their hiring goals and to connect companies with top talent. Lever supports the hiring needs of over 4,000 companies around the globe and remains a number one ATS for thousands of recruiters. 

Is an ATS No Longer Enough for Your Recruiting?

In today’s competitive talent market, talent acquisition teams need to have a world-class talent acquisition suite with advanced tools and a wide range of capabilities to increase the efficiency of sourcing, hiring, and onboarding processes. According to JoshBersin’s HR predictions, the average company now has 11 HR systems of record in place. So, in many cases, ATS may not be enough to offer an efficient and streamlined recruiting process. If you are satisfied with your current ATS but would like to increase its performance in one way or another, consider using additional software that can be integrated with your existing ATS.

How to Increase Lever Performance

One of the most efficient ways to increase Lever's efficiency is to improve its candidate sourcing and communication abilities. According to Aptitude Research, recruiters spend up to 16 hours per week scheduling calls and 10 hours looking for candidates in their ATS. However, ATS users can reduce time spent on sourcing by around 30% by using additional sourcing tools that can be integrated with their current ATS. Not only does AI-powered software cuts down on time and effort, but it finds the qualified candidates for the role by pre-screening for you. Lever's integration with Employa is an effective solution for recruiters who want to source candidates faster while getting higher-quality candidates. Let's look at how Employa can increase Lever performance.

Lever + Employa

Employa’s integration with Lever brings an efficient candidate sourcing solution to Lever’s powerful software. The direct connection between Employa’s MatchMiner’s sourcing tools and Lever ATS allows clients to quickly fill their talent pipeline with qualified candidates by leveraging the database of resumes the company has collected in Lever Software.

Employa’s MatchMiner empowers Lever recruitment tool in several ways:

Better selection process

MatchMaster was designed specifically to enhance candidate sourcing and improve the quality of hires. Here is what MatchMiner offers:

  • Easy search for unlimited screening criteria
  • Accurate and transparent result
  • Multiple levels of criteria importance
  • Red flags and fraud detection

Employa minimizes manual work by allowing to set advanced criteria to get more accurate search results. Employa users love the ability to go beyond standard screening criteria and develop more specific targets based on their recruitment goals. MatchMiner also allows assigning different levels of importance to each criterion to narrow down candidate search and prioritize job requirements. 

Employa ensures transparency of an ATS search by clearly presenting reasons for the rank of each candidate. The software also ensures that you are aware of possible application fraud and sets up red flags with detailed descriptions of concerns. 

Better communication with applicants

MatchMiner improves communication and helps to maintain a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring process. 

  • Applicant portal - make communication easy and keep candidates in the loop
  • Additional questions - clarify the details missed in resume automatically
  • Candidate engagement - send personalized messages and increase reply rate
  • Candidate experience - share feedback automatically

The AI-powered software automatically asks candidates questions to fill in the information gaps in resumes. Moreover, MatchMiner allows Lever users to send highly personalized messages and automatically share feedback with candidates to leave a positive impression.

Need Employa to advance your tech recruiting?

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