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How to Turn Followers into Qualified Candidates?

The use of social media in the recruitment industry has grown significantly over the past decade. Platforms once used for entertainment are now some of the most powerful marketing and candidate sourcing tools. Social media allows recruiters to build an employer brand by advertising the company to potential candidates. However, building the company’s reputation is not the only reason to practice social media recruitment.

The number one reason companies engage in social media recruiting is to attract those who are not looking for a new job yet, according to research from SHRM. More than 80% of employers said recruiting passive candidates is the main reason they use social media for recruitment. Almost 50% of employees follow companies on social media to stay up to date with their latest updates, and around 70% are interested in their open positions. Therefore, employers may think of them as their own talent network filled with passive candidates.

While it might be easy to promote the company, hiring via social media can sometimes be challenging. Followers are not always indicative of potential hires, so how can you turn all of those valuable followers into candidates? Below are some of the most useful tips to help expand your talent pool and turn your social media followers into qualified candidates.

Engage with Your Followers on Social Media

Social media recruiting goes far beyond posting job ads from company accounts. To attract new followers and encourage them to apply, you should also share content that shows your company as a great place to work. In fact, people tend to talk a lot about companies with unique and positive cultures, so this type of content often gets more shares. A great way to interest candidates in the job opportunities is to tell them your story. Below are some of the ways you can spread the word:

Share company photos on social media

Use social media to offer followers a behind-the-scenes look at the projects and activities your company is working on. Show off your office’s scenic location, share images of your current employees at work, or post insider footage of corporate events. This way, your audience can see how your business operates and what it looks like to work at your company beyond the typical brand advertisements.

Here are some ideas to help you decide what to post on social media:

  • Employee stories — feature an employee, what they do, and how they feel about working at your company
  • Quotes from happy employees
  • Pictures featuring your employee of the month
  • Pictures of your office and workspace
  • Images promoting specific jobs
  • Pictures of meetings, conferences, and other work events

Make sure to strengthen your employer brand by engaging with comments and answering questions. If particular candidates often engage with your content, mention them often in return to get other followers excited about engaging with your company.

Create “a day in the life” videos

“A day in the life” video is a video that walks the viewer through a typical day in the life of an employee. They are meant to help potential candidates envision themselves as an employee at your company. Such videos not only show the kind of work your employees do but also tell the stories of those behind your organization. On average, social videos generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

Such videos tend to be relatable and can be extremely powerful in delivering the message. Candidates usually trust employees the most, so what your employees say in the video matters. Let your employees take creativity into their own hands and create stories about their specific jobs and your company culture.

Don’t be afraid to directly message your followers

It’s important to directly approach people in your network who could potentially become your candidates. One-on-one messages are an excellent way to approach a potential candidate and initiate a conversation. Create a personalized message that shares some enticing information about the current open position — mention your top perks, the benefits of working at your company, and how they improve the personal and professional lives of your employees.

Make sure to include specific information about the follower you are trying to reach so they know you are serious and are not spamming them with generic messages. Personalized messages will help you stand out as a company that takes the time to make personal connections with followers.

How to Increase Your Social Media Followers for Recruitment Purposes

In social media, outreach is critical as it directly impacts your ability to be found and thus generates potential candidates. Therefore, it’s crucial to constantly expand your network by gaining new organic followers who are genuinely interested in your company. Below are numerous ways to help attract ideal target audiences on social media.

Ensure that your employees add your company to their social media profiles

As part of the onboarding process, it is important to ensure that all new hires update their social media profiles by adding information about your company. Not only is it beneficial for your employer brand, but when they list your company as their current place of work, they automatically promote your company to other potential followers who may be interested in your jobs or products.

Establish an employee advocacy program

Employee advocacy is an efficient way to drive brand awareness, build trust, and optimize employer branding initiatives. According to Entrepreneur, social media content shared by employees receives eight times more engagement than those shared through the company’s own social media channels and is shared 25 times more frequently. Therefore, to maximize your employer brand outreach, it is vital that you encourage your employees to share some elements of their working lives on personal profiles.

Participate in the right conversations

Social media platforms feature thousands of industry-specific groups, which can be a great place for motivated recruiters. Being active in such communities and using hashtags are efficient ways to get your company out there for potential candidates. Asking a question or sharing an opinion can spark a discussion and expose you to hundreds of potential candidates. Even if they are not currently interested in getting a new job, they may decide to follow your company’s page and stay tuned for updates.

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