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Key differences between Employa and ApplicantPro

Recruitment automation tools can save your company thousands of dollars and hundreds of working hours. Employa and ApplicantPro provide a set of useful features that streamline the hiring process. What sets Employa Match Master apart is an ATS extension, which allows Employa and your ATS to work as a single tool, giving you an all-in-one solution that provides a set of smart features to your business at an affordable price.

Advantages of Employa - Applicant Tracking System extension

Seamless integration

With Employa Match Master, you don’t need to worry about ATS integration, buying additional software, or time needed for training. Employa has a simple user-friendly interface and easily connects with your existing ATS. If you don’t have any cloud storage, CVs can be manually uploaded to the system.

Personal Recruiter

Employa is here to make your recruitment easy and less stressful, that’s why we do our best to simplify all stages of the hiring process for you. If you need more working hands in your recruiting department, Employa can provide you with an experienced dedicated recruiter who can be in charge of any part of the hiring process. The recruiter can handle candidate sourcing, vacancy promotion, interviewing, scheduling meetings, and other routine tasks.

Affordable price

Employa has flexible pricing plans affordable for companies of any type and size. We don’t limit the number of features available in each type of pricing plan, so you get the full benefits of our top-notch recruitment automation software and can hire as many employees as you need.

PROs and CONs

Seamless integration
Automated communication
Resume parsing
Fraud detection
Unlimited search
Personal recruiter

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