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Why you should choose Employa over GoArya

You can find plenty of recruitment automation software that can save time and money on the hiring process and increase the efficiency of the recruitment department. Both Employa and Go Arya use artificial intelligence for smart screening and ranking of candidates, eliminating bias, and streamlining the recruitment process. Employa has distinguishing features—in Employa Match Master you can set unlimited search criteria to find candidates with different experience, background, and skills. You can search for or exclude certain employers and universities, check resumes for fraud or inconsistencies, and find the best matched candidate in minutes.

Why should you choose Employa over GoArya?

Fraud check

The latest HR studies report that 50% of candidates lie on their CVs. Whether it is small embellishments or significant fraud, lies break any transparency and trust between the applicant and potential employer, and may be totally unacceptable for certain positions. Employa Match Master uses self-learning artificial intelligence that carefully checks each CV and shows you every deceptive fact.

Unlimited search

Whether you are a startup of a few people or a huge enterprise, you can search and match as many candidates as you need. With a variety of search criteria, you can easily set up all the job requirements and get a shortlist of candidates in minutes.

Dedicated recruiter

Employa is ready to cover all your recruitment needs, even if they don’t depend on automation software. If your recruitment department needs more people, we are here to help. Our experienced dedicated recruiter can take over part of the hiring process and empower your team.

Flexible price

Employa offers several pricing options to best meet your company's goals. Our aim is to cut recruitment costs, so all our pricing packages don’t have limited features or hidden fees—feel free to get benefits from all of them and grow your business with highly qualified specialists.

PROs and CONs

Fraud detection
Unlimited search criteria
Personal recruiter
AI-powered candidate screening & ranking
Automated communication

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