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Looking for a Manatal alternative?

Employa, a smart recruiting assistant, provides you with the best Manatal alternative to improve your recruitment process. Get top talent in your pipeline faster with artificial intelligence, saving time while receiving unbiased screening decisions on your candidates.

Employa vs Manatal Recruitment Software

Simple integration

Employa works as an ATS extension, so you can easily integrate it with your existing ATS without buying additional software. Just authorize Employa integration with your ATS, and candidate CVs will be available and screened in Employa. Create accounts for your team to track recruitment progress and stay on the same page.

Fraud Detection

Up to 78% of resumes are misleading and up to 46% contain actual lies. Employa can identify lies and embellishments in candidate CVs and send you alerts. Then you can decide to continue the hiring process with this candidate or reject him. You can also automatically reject CVs containing suspected fraud.

Communication with a Candidate

Employa reveals gaps in CVs and asks the applicant for clarification, thus providing a transparent hiring process for both sides. Also, Employa has Applicant Portal, a personal account for each candidate where he can see the progress, answer questions, and increase his position in the ranking.

PROs and CONs

Fraud detection
Unlimited search criteria
Resume parsing
AI-powered candidate screening & ranking
Automated communication
Personal recruiter

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