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Employa vs. SmartRecruiters review: Which software is best for you?

Recruitment automation tools are a must-have for a successful company. They save you a lot of time and effort, lightening the burden of routine tasks. But which software solution should you choose? In this review, we’ll describe the pros and cons of Smartrecruiters. But, unlike in other SmartRecruiters reviews, we will compare it to Employa.

SmartRecruiters main products

So, what is SmartRecruiters? The company offers a large array of recruiting software. SmartRecruiters main products are a recruitment platform and several add-ons for talent engagement, advertising, etc. It includes a mobile hiring app for Android and iOS. SmartRecruiters analytics reporting comes with a variety of dashboards for monitoring hiring metrics.

HR specialists can source and manage potential candidates with the help of SmartRecruiters LinkedIn recruiter integration. At the same time, applicants can look for new openings using SmartRecruiters job search.

Employa vs. SmartRecruiters pricing

SmartRecruiters provide software solutions for businesses, hiring for more than ten roles at any given time. The company doesn’t offer pre-set packages. Pricing depends on the customized bundle and on the number of employees the business has. A free version of its recruitment software is available for teams and organizations of up to 250 employees.

Employa has a flexible pricing policy. We don’t set any limits on the size of our clients’ businesses. Any company can find a package tailored to its recruiting needs. Besides, Employa has a free trial. Spare a couple of minutes and check out all the benefits this software can have for your hiring process.

The main advantages of Employa over SmartRecruiters

Shortlist candidates in minutes with advanced search

Finding the ideal candidate requires complex examination. Many criteria come into play: experience, skills, education, etc. With Employa Match Master, you can create your unique filter, which will speed up your search considerably. Use as many criteria as you need: exclude educational institutions you are suspicious about, target former employees of specific companies, check for particular skills, etc. With our multidimensional search, you will find the best match in no time.

Detect lies and discrepancies in resumes

Alas, many candidates try so hard to impress potential employers that they twist and even fabricate facts in their CVs. Experienced recruiters can spot the lies or inconsistencies by carefully studying applicants’ profiles, but it requires time and effort. Employa’s AI module makes the task much easier. It will analyze each CV, alerting you about suspicious applications. You can reject candidates at once or ask them to clarify some points.

Clean applicant list of duplicate profiles

Receiving multiple applications from the same candidate is a regular occurence, especially if you have several openings. You can remove duplicates manually, but things can become tricky, for example, with common names. Besides, looking through hundreds of profiles is a time-consuming task. Spend your time and resources more efficiently! Employa will scan profiles for duplicates and merge them.

Learn more about your candidates

Studies suggest that almost 80% of hiring specialists will reject an incomplete CV and risk losing promising candidates. Employa not only extracts valuable information from each CV but also identifies gaps and alerts you about them. At the same time, the candidates are notified in the Applicant Portal that they need to provide more information. On top of it, Employa can get more information about the applicants from external sources, in particular, from social media. Employa draws from external sources to enrich applicant profiles, creating a more complete applicant picture.

Distinguishing features of Employa and SmartRecruiters

Employa has some things in common with SmartRecruiters. Both solutions allow users to communicate with candidates and can work in sync with applicant tracking systems. With the help of Employa and SmartRecruiters applications can be screened using Artificial Intelligence. Both companies and products provide excellent customer support.

However, Employa also possesses several distinguishing features. Employa Match Master provides unlimited characteristics on which to adjust candidate search. Employa spots repeat applications and removes them from the list. On top of it, with Employa, you can collect enough data to get a comprehensive picture of the candidate.

PROs and CONs

Candidate engagement
AI-powered candidate screening
Recruitment marketing
Fraud detection
Unlimited search criteria
Candidate profile enrichment

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