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What is the difference between Employa and X0PA?

Need more benefits from using recruitment automation tools? Employa, a smart recruiting assistant, is a great alternative to X0PA. Drastically reduce the CV screening phase with powerful artificial intelligence and our smart parsing module. Minimize time-to-hire and make unbiased screening decisions based on relevant profile data.

How to get more from Applicant Tracking System extension with Employa

Identify lies and embellishments

Transparency is one of the key features in Employa Match Master. You can be sure that all fraud and embellishments in the CVs will be detected and shown for your consideration. With its powerful artificial intelligence module, Employa can check CVs for inconsistencies, reject inappropriate candidates automatically, and alert you to potential fraud.

Engage the candidate in dialogue

Get a complete overview of the candidate's skills while asking him questions and filling gaps in his CV. Employa helps to engage a candidate in dialogue via notes and grants access to a personal profile on Applicant Portal, where the candidate can track his ranking in real-time and improve it by providing more detailed information.

Find your best match faster with unlimited search

Employa was created to help companies of any size fulfill their open positions with the best matched candidates. Employa Match Master has unlimited search for candidates by various skills, degrees, and certifications. With Employa, you can search for or exclude candidates from a specific company, check an applicant’s education, and receive alerts if a diploma mill is detected.

PROs and CONs

Unlimited search criteria
Communication with a candidate
Fraud detection
Personal recruiter
Scoring, ranking, and shortlisting
Talent pool management

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