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What is Employa?

Employa is an AI-driven solution that helps to find the best-matched candidates for any position. Employa offers ATS add-ons that empower existing recruiting software and tech recruitment agency services. You don't need to switch to another software, just boost your existing tools with Employa add-on.

Employa offers Free Trial and doesn't require any upfront payments - you pay as you go.

How does Employa work?

The backbone of Employa’s software solutions and recruitment services is a proprietary resume screening technology that reads resumes much like human recruiters do: focusing not on mere keywords, but weighing experience with needed technologies in past workplaces, managerial experience, familiarity with industries, etc. Employa’s approach is to source candidates at scale without requiring humans to do time-consuming resume vetting and communication with applicants.

Will I have to share my candidates’ data?

Yes, Employa requires the same limited access to your candidates’ data as your ATS does.

What if my ATS is not supported by Employa?

All Employa solutions have standalone versions that allow you to benefit from their qualification capabilities separately from your ATS.

Will Employa require implementation?

No, Employa is a plug-n-play solution. Integration with your ATS is performed in a few steps through an intuitive interface.

How can I know your AI won’t reject good candidates by mistake?

Employa provides a detailed breakdown of candidate scores allowing you, if needed, to check the algorithm’s accuracy easily. Besides, Employa is assisting collusion that doesn’t make screening decisions about candidates - the power to make the choice is always in the recruiter's hands.

What business functions does Employa work with?

For the time being, Employa specializes in technical jobs related to Software Engineering, Software Development, Data Science, Software Quality Assurance, UI/UX Design, Software Product Development, and also Marketing, Sales, Business Development and adjacent fields.

New job functions can be easily added to Employa upon request.

What resume languages do you work with?

For the time being, English is the only supported resume language in Employa.

What is the price for Employa?

Employa recruitment agency charges 10% of candidates’ annual salary. The price for Employa software varies depending on the number of vacancies and features included. Contact us at sales@employa.com to get more detailed information.

Who are typical Employa users?

Employa can help companies of any type and size find the most suitable candidates. We have affordable solutions for startups, SMBs, and enterprise companies to cover their recruiting needs in the best way.

Employa has already helped 40+ clients to reach their recruitment KPI and boost hiring performance.