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Employa Agency - get vetted tech talent 2.5x cheaper

Employa is an AI-driven tech recruitment agency, that finds potential candidates, advertises open positions, and selects the most suitable resumes.

Employa Agency - get vetted tech talent 2.5x cheaper

Employa is an AI-driven tech recruitment agency, that finds potential candidates, advertises open positions, and selects the most suitable resumes.

Best-matched technical talent just for 10% fee

Choose Employa Agency if you have ever faced dissatisfaction with recruitment agencies, strived to make unbiased hiring decisions and get more ROI on recruiting investment.

Fast & Accurate

Employa is always looking for your best-matched candidates, 24/7. AI-powered engines find the best places to promote a job opening to the right target audience. Employa can vastly reduce time-to-hire as it takes just seconds to screen resumes and contact relevant candidates.

  • Speed up candidate pre-screening dramatically
  • Market your position to suitable candidates only
  • Work with all US locations and remote


Don’t overpay for in-house recruiters and recruitment agency fees. Employa provides flexible pricing, affordable recruitment costs and you pay only for hired candidates, not for the recruitment process.

  • 10% commission and no upfront payments
  • Avoid costly mis-hires


Hire for real skills not fancy words, don’t skip good candidates because of badly written resumes and be sure that each received CV is considered. Employa goes through all applicants and shows you just those who match your criteria in the best way.

  • Get vetted candidates for any technical job
  • Search for real skills, not buzzwords
  • Skip «ATS-beating» resumes


Employa makes the hiring process transparent for both sides. You’ll get a fair deal pricing and pay only 10% commission without any upfront payments, receive extended candidate profiles and weekly performance reports to track progress.

  • Make the hiring process transparent
  • Get weekly performance reports

Why clients like Employa

Join the growing list of companies that are successfully hiring tech talent with Employa!

  • “MatchMaster has a very clear and friendly user interface, we needed minimum time to deal with criteria setup and candidate check. Candidate management is also easy and fast, with a bunch of tools that do the job instead of you. It’s helpful that Employa works both with passive and active applicants, so we had more options to choose from. Customer service was good, we’ve got excellent support.”

    William A.

    Cybersecurity Analyst/HR
  • “Excellent tool, excellent support. This web based software has a well designed UI. We have received far more candidates through MatchMaster than any other tool/job board we have used. It does a great job of sorting through many applicants and floating the best matches to the top of the list. In addition, it displays graphically how well the candidate matches requirements. Highly recommended to try Employa if you need to close your vacancy faster.”

    Ross B.

    CTO at Toolbelt
  • “Employa is really helpful in working with technical positions. When the demand for qualified developers is so high, it’s extremely important to reduce screening time and make an offer faster than your competitors. I also like a clear visualization of results, where you can easily check what skills are missed and what information you need to specify. Highly recommended for small recruitment teams!”

    Madeleine B.

    Talent Sourcer at Proxet
  • "Getting candidates who perfectly match your job requirements becomes a challenge today. Employa has helped us with filling the pipeline with the right candidates, saving costs on talent acquisition, and shortening time-to-hire. Our team has grown so fast thanks to the speed of hiring that we’ve got with Employa. We highly recommend it to any organization looking for quality hires."

    Kate K.

    Product manager at SaveMyLeads
  • "I'm totally satisfied with the result we've got, it took a week to find a developer and make an offer. Employa made our recruitment extremely fast and helped to find diamonds in the rough. Their support team is real professionals with recruitment skills that could solve any hiring issues. I like a bunch of unique features that enable flagging inconsistencies in the resumes, excluding unwanted companies, and engaging candidates in a dialogue. Employa is truly human-centered AI-driven recruitment. Worth trying!"

    Valerie T.

    Product Owner at PDFLiner
  • “I was astonished by the screening speed and quality. Employa saves us hours of routine work, which is essential for companies that have 10+ open positions. User interface is clear and easy to work with, I was happy I haven’t spent much time on onboarding. I like how candidate engagement works here - in a few clicks you can ask any kind of question to the applicant and get a better understanding of his skills and experience.”

    Anna G.

    Talent Acquisition Team Lead at Proxet
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