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Applicant Management Software

The great pandemic has changed the recruitment process, and it is more important than ever for talent acquisition specialists to be at their best. A great way to show prospective candidates you are the best employer to work for is to optimize the hiring process with the help of applicant management software. An efficient HR software can automate your recruitment process through streamlined workflows, better sourcing, and customizable functionality like job board distribution and candidate communications. In fact, 78% of employers believe that applicant management software helps them hire qualified candidates faster, according to Gartner.

So, there’s no doubt your hiring process can be streamlined by the benefits of an efficient ATS. The challenge is to choose the right recruitment software for your business among hundreds of available options. Ensuring you know exactly how applicant management software works, what kind of features it should have, and how it can enhance your hiring, will help you to make the right decision.

Applicant Management in Recruitment

Whether you are actively hiring or nurturing applicants with whom you want to maintain good relationships, applicant management is crucial to finding and engaging the right talent. In fact, in today’s competitive talent market, efficient applicant management may become your main competitive advantage. Modern candidates expect a certain amount of simplicity and speed throughout the application process. According to Dr. John Sullivan, 9 out of 10 potential candidates will drop out because they found the application process too frustrating.

Applicant management helps create a positive candidate experience so that you don’t lose out on talent. Working with applicant management software can help you build a talent pipeline and keep qualified candidates engaged along the way.

Overview of Applicant Management Software Functions

With the large variety of applicant management systems on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the features. To help you decide on what kind of candidate management software you might need, we’ve put together a list of the main applicant management software functions.  

Candidate Sourcing 

An efficient applicant management software helps you enrich your talent pipeline and grow your talent pool as you source and recruit candidates. 

Messaging and interviews schedules 

Communication with candidates can add a significant amount of stress and time to your recruitment process, which is why you should look out for features that streamline communication and help create a positive candidate experience.

Candidate relationship management

Applicant management software helps to build meaningful relationships with prospective candidates so that you can nurture your pipeline without missing qualified talent. Consider features that include the ability to tag, filter, search candidate databases, and create workflows that allow you to view past outreach. 

Reporting and analytics 

Tracking your hiring progress is essential as it can help you make better data-driven choices when it comes to sourcing, selection, and hiring. An efficient applicant management system sends regular reports and allows you to create personalized dashboards to collect, store, and organize data.

Personalization and automation 

Poor workflows can be one of the main factors that decrease productivity for recruiting teams. The software enables you to set up interviews, schedule meetings, collect feedback, and personalize outreach with just a few clicks of a button. 

Choosing the Best Applicant Management Software

Recruitment today requires your entire HR team to work together. However, sometimes it can be really hard to find an applicant management software that would include all the features necessary for efficient recruitment. So it makes sense to consider additional software that may integrate with your applicant management system to improve its efficiency. 

MatchMiner by Employa can become a great addition to your current ATS. MatchMiner ensures a higher quality of hires and reduces the time you spend on finding qualified candidates. Our software understands that each company has unique hiring needs and offers a variety of features to find a candidate who perfectly matches your specific job requirements.

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