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In today’s competitive job market, employers using an applicant tracking system (ATS) are more likely to quickly identify and hire top talent. Driving an effective recruitment strategy highly depends on your company’s ability to implement streamlined processes that enable recruiters to focus on more important tasks such as engaging with top talent and creating a positive candidate experience. ATS resume checker can make it easier for your company to find a qualified candidate, empowering your HR team to collaborate better and manage the entire hiring process in one place. In this article, we will cover the ATS’s main advantages and tips on filling open positions faster using an ATS resume checker.

Advantages of Using ATS Resume Checker 

Provides better and faster CV screening

There are way more applications than most HR teams can handle and screening of resumes needs to be thorough yet quick so that the candidates are not lost to competitors. On average, each job opening receives 250 applications, and only 4 to 6 of the candidates make it to a face-to-face interview. An ATS resume checker automates the initial screening of all applications and allows recruiters to stop wasting time with unqualified candidates.

Streamlines recruiting

A growing business often ends up hiring for multiple positions at the same time. The high-volume recruiting process can become chaotic in the absence of a good ATS. ATS can streamline and centralize all recruiting processes through a single digital hub. As a result, HR software makes talent acquisitions more efficient and allows recruiters to spend less time on the administrative side of recruiting and more time finding the right candidates.

Improves the quality of hire

Research shows that 78% of HR professionals who use ATS have improved the quality of candidates they hire. Automated matching of candidates allows recruiters only to engage with the best candidates in the applicant pool. In addition, with the automation of administrative tasks, recruiters have more time available to engage with candidates in the recruitment process. As a result, they can gather more information about candidates and make better hiring decisions.

How to Fill Positions Faster Using an ATS 

Spend less time on screening 

According to SHRM's recruitment survey, the average time to fill a position is around 41 days. However, with hiring volume increasing and top talent staying on the job market for only ten days, it's crucial to decrease the time spent on screening CVs as much as possible. An ATS is a core tool to structure your recruiting process and reduce the average hiring time. 

ATS software allows you to see the best candidates immediately. It uses keywords to filter through resumes and sort applicants through to be more qualified from those who are less qualified. For instance, Employa can save up to 5 hours per 100 candidates sourced, significantly shortening the hiring cycle's length. Additionally, it automatically ranks applications based on the search criteria set by a recruiter. This allows you to rapidly assess your talent pool and identify candidates that would be the best match. 

Effective collaboration

There are a lot of people involved in recruiting new candidates, and an ATS allows you to send messages, adjust statuses, create workflows, and assign tasks to different people. All communications and activities are synced and centralized in software, so everything regarding the recruiting process can be efficiently evaluated and tracked. Below are specific ways in which an ATS can benefit your collaborative recruiting process:

  • Collaborative reviewing of resumes, interviews, and candidate profiles 
  • The easy sharing of documents and candidates' profiles
  • Ensures easy hand-off of tasks 
  • Enables transparency

Multiple sourcing 

There are multiple places online you can source candidates from. The key is to use your ATS, so candidates from different sources flow into one place. Most recruiters start their search for candidates on popular online job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and many others. An efficient ATS makes it possible to spread information about your job opening with just a few clicks. 

When you create an opening in your ATS, it will automatically be posted on your corporate website and your favorite job boards. Moreover, when you create a new opening in your HR software, you can instantly share it on your social media profiles which will significantly increase your chances of finding the right candidate.

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