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Finding a Coder: Simple Guide for HR

The demand for tech professionals is on the rise, and ultimately, with the ever-evolving and ever-changing market, the search for tech talent is becoming a big issue. Thousands of tech and non-tech businesses look for developers, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd and inherently difficult to attract and recruit coders. And while companies struggle to get the best of the best, the shortage of skilled talent will lead to many having to hire IT teams from what remains. According to a recent study by McKinsey, 87% of companies face a talent shortage or expect to experience one within the next few years. Given the specifics of working in a time of fierce competition for tech specialists, the top priority is implementing the right recruitment strategies to win the best talent in the market.

This may lead you to a question: where and how do I find and recruit an experienced and reliable tech professional? In this article, we will guide you through what to look for in great coders and how to hire them.

Skills and Qualifications to Look for in a Coder

When you decide to hire a coder, you put up a job description or source passive candidates from internal or external sources. But what happens next? What should you look for in a coder, and how can you assess their qualifications?

Although every organization has different needs, there are some common skills and qualifications recruiters should look for in coders in 2022:

  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Integrated development environments (IDEs)
  • Database and SQL
  • Cloud computing
  • 1-3 years working in web-based applications
  • Experience with GIT or other version control systems
  • Experience with NodeJS, Python, and Java
  • Strong communication skills

Best Practices on Hiring a Coder

Practice #1: recruit quickly

Attracting the top tech talent requires effort, tenacity, and time. However, in today’s competitive job market, the longer you hire, the higher the chance that you might lose great candidates to a competitor. A study conducted by LinkedIn shows that it takes an average of 49 days to hire developers, the highest number compared to the other industries. There is a significant issue with this - the best candidates stay in the market only for 10 days. Thus, to hire the best coders, you need to recruit faster and more efficiently.

Here are some of the tips on how to speed up your recruitment process:

  • Use HR software to screen candidates 
  • Focus on candidate engagement
  • Take advantage of phone/video interviews
  • Use a test coding assessment
  • Get a recruitment agency involved
  • Build a talent pipeline

Practice #2: build an employer brand

In today’s technology-driven market, potential candidates can easily find information about the company through online platforms such as social media and career review sites. Statistics show that 84% of job-seekers say the reputation of a company as an employer is essential when deciding on where to apply. Moreover, 75% of them consider the company's reputation even before applying for a job. Given the high competition for coders, a positive brand image can help stand out from the crowd and attract great candidates. Consider the tips below on how to create a strong brand identity:

  • Show off your culture
  • Don’t promise what you can’t five
  • Engage with your brand online
  • Encourage excited employees to talk about your brand within their networks
  • Put your employees in the spotlight
  • Make sure your organization invests in its talent

Practice #3: use effective sourcing tools 

Candidate sourcing is the most tiresome and longest process in finding a coder. According to the survey conducted by Dice, tech recruiters spend most of their workweek - at least 30 hours - on sourcing alone. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many employers decide to implement HR technology that can perform sourcing and screening for them. AI-powered HR technology can be way more effective in identifying qualified coders in a short period of time. It can free up 3 to 5 hours per day which you could spend on more valuable tasks. 

Consider simplifying your recruitment process with HR recruitment software or let Employa hire a coder for you. Employa can help you identify the best coders, advertise open positions, as well as select the most qualified resumes. We can reduce your time to hire and increase your chances of hiring the best candidates.

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