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How Do Generation Z Preferences Make an Impact on Hiring?

Born between 1996 and 2010, generation Z makes up about one-fourth of the world population (26%)  as of the beginning of 2023. This generation is just leaving college and is already making significant changes to how we recruit and hire. Adjusting hiring strategies to meet Gen Z preferences can mean successfully attracting and retaining the largest generation of professionals ever born in the United States. 

In this article, we cover the most important characteristics of Gen Z in the workplace and their top working preferences, and how those preferences affect modern hiring. 

The Importance of Work-life Balance and General Well-being

More than one-third of employees believe work-life balance is the most important of all benefits. Moreover, 53% of workers say a role that allows them to have personal well-being is very important. 

For Generation Z, the need for well-being and work-life balance is even more acute compared to other generations. Given the circumstances when Generation Z workers have entered the talent market so far, flexibility is essential in attracting and retaining young professionals. 

Promoting sustainable ways of working is beneficial not just for Generation Z but the whole workforce. When employees experience high levels of job satisfaction, they feel more committed and inspired to perform well at work. The study reveals that 65% of employers said flexible working positively impacts productivity. 

Generation Z and Technology

With the increasing presence of Gen Z in the workplace, organizations are becoming more and more digital. 

Since generation Z are true digital natives, they are the most tech-savvy generation of workers. While they might not be familiar with specific hiring and other types of technology companies use, expectations are high when it comes to Generation Z and technology. As proved by research, an enormous 91% of Gen Z job seekers say that technology would be a decisive factor when choosing a job. 

Companies that follow the latest HR software trends have a competitive advantage in attracting candidates. Recruiters can use hiring tools for candidate management, interviewing, as well as sourcing, and communicating with applicants. AI-powered technology is most helpful with sourcing (58%), screening (56%), and nurturing candidates (55%), according to LinkedIn research. Therefore, using AI-driven software like Employa can become a go-to solution for finding and recruiting candidates of all generations. 

Personal and Professional Development 

New research by Amazon finds that almost three-quarters of Generation Z and Millennial workers plan to quit their job in 2023 due to a lack of personal and professional development opportunities. Skill development is a top priority for 83% of employees, and 89% feel extremely or somewhat motivated to improve their skills. 

To attract and retain their most valued employees, companies must provide them with a clear path to future development. 

“A team that is invested in feels valued, which creates loyalty! I have found both online and in-person training has contributed to team success. It creates a positive career trajectory and has resulted in lower turnover.”

Robin Page, Bluedot Innovation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Generation Z is the most ethnically and racially diverse age group in the United States. So, no wonder they look for companies’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) when applying for jobs. According to a Monster survey, 83% of Generation Z candidates say that a company’s commitment to DEI is important when choosing a recruiter. 

Today more and more employers are starting to realize the positive effects of diversity hiring. Apart from the financial benefits of hiring for diversity, there are other factors to consider. Higher productivity and retention rates, a larger talent pool, and a stronger employer brand are among the top advantages of implementing DEI practices. 

Thus, companies that create a sense of belonging for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or background will improve their ability to attract talent of all ages, not just those in Generation Z.

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