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Resume Screening Software

The candidate screening process is the most crucial aspect of recruiting as it directly impacts the quality of your potential hires, and hence the success or failure of your recruiting strategy. In many industries, and especially when it concerns tech talent, open positions significantly outnumber skilled professionals. Traditionally, companies respond to this talent shortage by ramping up recruiting efforts, but it often leads to an increased number of unqualified candidates. When a job opening receives 250 applications, on average, 75% to 88% of them turn out to be unqualified. 

So, it’s no wonder why recruiters seek new solutions to improve recruiting and screen candidates efficiently. To solve the problem of ineffective screening, many recruiters choose to adopt resume screening software.

What is a Resume Screening Software?

Resume screening software is a type of technology that cuts down on time significantly by screening resumes for different roles and ranking them based on their suitability. Recruiters can filter the results based on education, experience, skills, and other factors, anything that is a requirement for an open role. Resume screening technology helps HR professionals identify candidates who are likely to be hired.

Advantages of Using Resume Screening Software

Recruiters who regularly use resume screening software save up to 75% of the manual work. That makes it appealing to both large and small businesses. Here are the main benefits of utilizing resume screening technology:

It saves time-to-hire

Time is crucial for a recruiter. It is reported that, on average, an HR professional spends at least six seconds screening a resume before accepting it or rejecting it. With the huge number of applications that an average job opening receives, recruiters can spend hours or even days sifting through thousands of resumes. Resume screening software can process hundreds of resumes in seconds, making it an indispensable tool for every recruiter. 

It reduces the error of overlooking good candidates 

Using resume screening software saves recruiters from sifting through piles of applications from unqualified candidates. The technology screens resumes for keywords and matches the recruiter's requirements with the information shared by the candidate. This means that recruiters will be provided only with the best-matched resumes. In most cases, employers receive up to a 90% match rate. This way, recruiters do not overlook the qualified talent and don’t waste time sifting through unqualified resumes.

It helps manage a large volume of candidates

Given that the average open position receives at least 250 applications, recruiters can have thousands of resumes to screen depending on the number of open positions. There is a high risk of overlooking a great candidate when manually scanning resumes due to a high volume. A resume screening software can help determine whether a candidate is qualified, making it easier to keep track of tasks related to the hiring processes. 

How to Maximize the Use of Your Resume Screening Software?

  • Do your research - using the right software that best suits your recruitment needs is key. So make sure you research and evaluate available software features, pricing, compatibility with your HR technology, etc.
  • Review the metrics - examine the progress that your HR team makes with the resume screening software you use. Does it decrease your time to hire and improve the quality of hire?
  • Work closely with vendors - many automated tools can be overwhelming to new users, so most recruiters will work closely with providers to make the most out of the software.

Before choosing the right resume screening software, ask yourself - does your software help reach your recruitment goals? Does it really save your time to hire and improve the quality of candidates?

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