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Resume Tracking System

As part of a recruitment process, most companies understand the need to create job descriptions, post them on relevant job boards, and promote new job openings on social media. However, all this effort to attract and engage top talent can quickly go to waste when the company is not equipped to handle incoming candidate interests efficiently. A good resume tracking system can help organize candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes. It helps to streamline candidate sourcing, social engagement, and the entire hiring workflow into one integrated platform. 

Choosing an effective resume tracking system is a crucial decision. A weak software can lead to a high degree of frustration for recruiters that cannot hire quality talent due to problems with the internal systems. In this article, we will list the main things you should consider when selecting a good applicant tracking system (ATS) for your company’s unique needs.

Social Media Recruiting 

In today’s extremely competitive talent market, recruiting is considered incomplete if it doesn’t leverage the power of social networks. According to CareerArc’s research, 86% of job seekers report they use social media to search for open positions. Therefore, taking social media recruiting into consideration when choosing the best resume tracking system is essential to ensuring you’re making the most out of your HR software. 

An effective resume tracking system can improve social media recruiting in several ways:

  • Posts jobs on social media sites faster
  • Determines which social media sites are most effective
  • Creates a social media recruiting workflow 
  • Helps collaborate with the HR team to manage social hiring plan

When selecting an applicant tracking system, test the entire social media capabilities to make sure it meets your recruiting needs.

Accurate and Quick Candidate Search

A significant part of optimizing your recruitment process is to quickly and effectively search, screen and filter through the large numbers of applications. An effective resume tracking system can provide quick search functionality with great results that are clearly presented, and easy to understand and comprehend.

Unfortunately, many resume tracking systems do not provide adequate functionality for this purpose. Therefore, recruiters may find it helpful to use additional software that can be easily integrated with their current ATS. AI-powered add-ons like Employa can significantly streamline the recruiting process by quickly identifying qualified candidates out of thousands of applications.   

Quality of Communication

Improved quality of communication is one of the main advantages of using a collaborative recruiting system that allows the entire HR department to work collaboratively. Here are the key features a good resume tracking system should have to ensure effective communication:

Email integration

An ATS should integrate with commonly used email providers - such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook - allowing recruiters to track emails and use the system to schedule calendar meetings and follow-ups. 

Telephone Integration

Some applicant tracking systems are integrated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to give a hiring team the ability to call using a broadband connection rather than a standard phone line. Also, when a candidate calls in, the system automatically links to their record, giving recruiters immediate access to the appropriate information.

2-Way Text Messaging

An efficient resume tracking system also provides two-way texting for quick communication. When a recruiter sends an SMS message, the system tracks replies and notifies upon their arrival. 

Quick Data Sharing and Migration

The resume tracking system needs to be sufficient enough to get integrated with another HRIS or in-house system. When choosing a good ATS, recruiters should consider the product’s ability to quickly integrate existing systems when required. Moreover, both the hiring team and candidates need data sharing. A resume tracking system must have an efficient data-sharing feature to allow everyone involved in the hiring process to stay connected. In addition, an applicant tracking system should allow the user to easily transfer the data from an old system to the new software. This will enable recruiters to consolidate all candidate information into one recruiting platform.

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