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Shopify Developers: How to Find

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create online shopping websites with little to no hassle. Although working with the platform is easy, the development of a store that is capable of attracting and engaging buyers can be quite challenging. That is where a Shopify developer does the hard work for you. However, hiring a professional who will build the store for you without breaking the bank is easier said than done. Hiring an experienced Shopify developer requires some research. In this article, we will outline how to find and choose a Shopify developer to get the best results with your Shopify store.

Why You Should Hire a Shopify Developer

If this is the first time you are launching an online store, then it’s pretty easy to underestimate the amount of time and effort that goes into building an e-commerce site. Many thoughtful decisions need to be made right from the start of the development process resulting in a significant impact on your business. Therefore, hiring a skilled and experienced Shopify developer can be of much help. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a Shopify developer:

  • Getting an e-commerce site designed by the experts would ensure that your online store follows all the best practices in terms of functionality, user experience, and design.
  • Getting Shopify developers to add additional features and customize your website based on your requirements can help your online store attract more customers.
  • Shopify developers can help you integrate all the applications and features needed to manage your business with minimal supervision. Moreover, once the store is set up, they can help you with Website Maintenance.

What Things to Look for When Hiring Shopify Developers?

Understanding and Knowledge 

When looking for reliable Shopify developers, it is important for you to assess their level of expertise. You should have a clear understanding that a candidate has enough skills and knowledge to complete your project. 

A skilled developer can assist you in numerous ways: from launching your landing page to email marketing. Shopify developers can assist in building your e-commerce website, selecting the right theme, designing product descriptions, and finalizing the launch. Here are the key skills that a Shopify expert should have:

  • Web Development
  • Portal Management
  • Web Designing
  • Application Development Customization
  • Email Marketing


Shopify developers may be highly qualified in technical expertise or theoretical knowledge, but you should also check if they have enough experience to complete the project. By looking at their portfolios, you can analyze the quality of their work. A Shopify developer’s portfolio can include projects that suit you in terms of expectations and requirements. Take some time to check out the websites they worked on in their portfolio. Make sure you click around on the sites and check functionality, load speed, and accessibility features. 


The best way to learn about a Shopify developer is to read reviews from previous clients. With these reviews, you’ll find out if a candidate has ever done any projects similar to yours. 

Where to Find Shopify Developers 

Shopify Experts directory

Shopify has its own directory of designers, developers, and freelancers specializing in working with Shopify stores. There are thousands of tech experts listed in the directory. You can filter your search for a specialist to get expert advice in particular areas. Moreover, you can adjust the filters based on your geographic location and budget, which means you won’t encounter unexpected costs.


Upwork is a great place to look for a Shopify developer. However, it might take some time until you find a qualified developer there as it doesn’t do any extensive screening of its freelancers, unlike the Shopify Experts directory.

Hire a recruitment agency to find a Shopify developer for you

If you decide to hire a Shopify developer, you can either look for an expert yourself or work with a reliable recruitment agency. You can find a developer on freelance platforms or the Shopify Experts directory. However, dealing with the hiring process yourself can be challenging.  

Employa an AI-driven recruitment agency that can help you find high-quality Shopify developers quickly and at a lower rate. Our AI-driven tech helps find and hire top tech talent for a mere 10% fee. Employa also significantly reduces your time-to-hire as it takes just seconds to screen resumes and find qualified candidates with its AI-powered engines.

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