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The Most In-Demand Jobs in IT for 2022

The global IT market continues to grow at an impressive rate. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and data analytics had been growing rapidly over the years. However, in the short space of just a few years, they have become essential in today’s business world. 

With such a driving force behind these technological developments, demand for tech jobs has grown exponentially as well as the demand for individuals with knowledge and skills that meet the needs for digitally transformed fields. Let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand tech jobs for 2022.

Information Security Analyst

Nearly all companies benefit from the critical work of information security analysts, and demand for this role continues to grow. Information security analysts make sure that the best security measures are in place to prevent valuable information from leaking into the hands of online criminals. Information security analysts support the IT security team by installing new security software, monitoring computer networks, and reporting any security breaches that occur. The average salary for an information security analyst in the United States is $99,275.

Cloud Architect 

Driven by the need for home-office working since the pandemic, cloud architects have become an in-demand job in IT in recent years. Cloud architects are responsible for setting up and maintaining a company’s cloud infrastructure. Some of the role’s general duties include setting up cloud storage and computing systems from scratch, ensuring these systems abide by various compliance, managing systems, and making updates. Cloud architects often work on projects with members of a tech team, including developers and DevOps engineers. The average salary for a cloud architect is $158,450 in the United States. The salary can vary highly based on education, experience, company size, and market.

Software Engineer

The demand for software developers has been on the rise for some time now and shows no signs of stopping. Software engineer employment is projected to grow 21% by 2028, which is faster than the average projected rate for all occupations. Software engineers are responsible for designing, developing, installing, testing, and maintaining software systems. Software developers use programming languages such as Java, HTML, C#, C++, and SQL Server to code and build applications, websites, or mobile apps. In the USA, software developers earn an average of #112,000 a year across all years of experience and in various regions.

Data Scientist

According to the 2022 DevSkiller report, data science was the fastest-growing IT skill on the DevSkiller testing platform, with a 295% growth in popularity year over year. This tells us that there has been a significant increase in demand for data scientists and skills connected to this role. Data scientists use analytical and statistical methods plus AI tools to automate specific processes within the company and develop strategic solutions to business challenges. They interpret the data and present the results to help the organization analyze trends to make better decisions. According to Glassdoor, a data scientist in the United States earns an average of $117,212.

Cybersecurity specialist

Data breaches increase each year, so no wonder the demand for cybersecurity specialists is high. The BLS projects the number of cybersecurity jobs will increase by 28% by 2026. Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for identifying vulnerabilities and risks in software systems, data centers, and networks. Their job is to manage any potential attacks or instructions that may occur and ensure the client’s information is not compromised. According to Glassdoor, the cybersecurity annual base salary in the United States is $103,746 per year.

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