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Ultimate Guide: How to Choose the Best ATS for Your Business

Regardless of the size of your business, you cannot afford to underestimate the fundamental role that effective hiring plays in organizational success. The hiring process is sometimes characterized by frustration, chaos, and unconscious bias which negatively impact the ability to attract, recruit, and develop a winning team. Thankfully, an ATS system helps address such issues and facilitates a smooth, effective, and fruitful hiring process. 

What is an ATS system?

An Applicant Tracking Systems facilitates the recruitment process by employing computerized intelligence to get the most suitable, qualified, job candidates. When you advertise one position in your organization, countless people, with and without the requisite qualifications apply. An ATS helps filter through, automatically eliminating the non-qualified ones by scanning submitted resumes for select keywords. Accordingly, an ATS saves company time and resources that would be spent had the process been done manually. 

How To Choose an ATS for your Business

Seeing that the world’s most successful organizations are using ATS today means that the benefits conferred by such systems cannot be overemphasized. With this importance, it is imperative that your selected ATS has several features for you to reap all the benefits the system confers. Below is a description of what you should consider when choosing an ATS

Systems’ Usability

Your selected ATS should be one that is quite easy to use for all parties involved. Your company will, most likely, have recruiters, external and internal candidates, interviewers, and managers using the system. It is important to have a system that will not be too complicated and make the hiring process even harder than it would be in a manual process. The system should be easy to implement and put into use to avoid an increase to the team’s workload. It must be user-friendly to heighten the rate of adoption and subsequent value generated from the system

Consider the Customer Support Offered

When choosing an ATS, go for a vendor that is available to offer both technical and non-technical support. System implementation and adoption is sometimes curbed by hitches that the customer (you) may not be well-informed on how to address. You should ensure that the vendor you settle for can offer client support through email, chats, and even through social media. If your organization is large and its systems complex, it is important to consider if the vendor you contact offers in-house support whenever the need arises. The absence of customer support may frustrate your time, and you may not enjoy the return on investment from the ATS. 

Budget/Cost Considerations

How much are you willing to spend? Different vendors charge different prices based on your company size or the number of members that will be using the system. There are other associated costs such as training fees, customized development, integration costs, and support-related costs. You should pay attention to additional to the base cost to ensure that the costs commensurate with your company’s size and needs. 

Data Security

The importance of choosing a system with maximum data and information protection features cannot be adequately emphasized. You should go for an ATS that confers data privacy and compliance features that are effective and readily available. There are stringent data regulations that your company is expected to observe, and whose violation may lead to lawsuits, reputation, and other damages. Therefore, ensure that the ATS vendor you go for has a good reputation in data security and privacy. 

Think About the Future

Every organization’s ambition is to expand. It is important to consider an ATS which will match your recruitment demands with your subsequent growth. A vendor offering varying tier options may be well suited to offer the requisite scalability and flexibility that your business will need with time. 

In a Nutshell

Do not be swayed by just a vendor’s name. You should thoroughly dig deep to ensure that the vendor’s ATS system and offering aligns with your company’s profile and needs. Go for the system that guarantees data safety and integrity. Choose an ATS system that will make your team’s collaboration efforts easier. You cannot go wrong in hiring when you implement an ATS, but all the factors above, among others, must be put into consideration. 

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