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AI Recruiting Tech Trends

The hiring process has come a long way from the days of paper resumés and cold calls via landline. Online job sites are now staples in talent acquisition, and now AI recruiting is elevating hiring to new heights.

The innovation in HR and recruitment is booming and more and more new AI-driven solutions addressing various problems are emerging. Recent research shows that, in one form or another, AI is becoming a must-have in the recruiter’s toolbox.

Today we’d like to share with you the most used AI solutions in recruiting that have become industry trends:

1. AI Recruiting Essentials: Automated Candidate Sourcing

It’s no surprise that finding talent starts with sourcing potential candidates and building a pipeline. But even if you know where to find those potential candidates this process can be quite challenging and time-consuming.

Recruiters agree that finding the best candidate is quite a challenge and takes time. Sometimes you are just stuck with piles of CVs and it takes ages to source the right talent for your organization. With the help of Automated Candidate Sourcing this task becomes much easier, faster and more accurate.

Developments in AI for recruitment now enable recruiters to automate their sourcing process and extend their reach at the same time.

2. NLP

The majority of insights regarding HR Tech Trends for 2020 name NLP as an innovative factor with imminent growth and undeniable effect. NPL allows us to optimize HR functions in different ways.

NLP can be utilized to gain better control over the flood of data that HR departments deal with in regards to screening applicants, analyzing resumes, and onboarding new employees. Among other things, NLP can help on resume classification, ranking, deep extraction, identification and semi-automation in the recruitment process.

3. Candidate Matching

Ever wondered why Candidate Matching is so popular among recruiters? Simply because of Intelligence - the core algorithm that identifies and ranks the most promising matches between resumes and opportunities. It is used by recruitment companies and talent acquisition teams. 

Ever wondered why Candidate Matching is so popular among recruiters? Simply because of Intelligence — the core algorithm that identifies and ranks the most promising matches between resumes and opportunities. It is used by recruitment companies and talent acquisition teams.

AI technology brings candidate matching to a new level — recruiters can prioritize candidates and focus their time on talent with the skills and experience needed to succeed in a position, while quickly identifying candidates who may be more qualified for a different open role.

Are you one of those recruiters who has hundreds of applicants and doesn’t feel so great because none of the candidates is the right fit? In this case Employa Matchmaster is your best solution, as it can scan an unlimited number of resumes and show you a shortlist that best matches the requirements. Identifying the perfect candidate is a challenge for any recruiter, especially in a large applicant pool. But please remember IA is not a HR panacea, an automation tool can’t guarantee you’ll find the right candidate if they do not have a digital footprint online.

Reviewing a large number of candidates presents three issues:
  • It takes a long time
  • Good candidates may be dismissed because of a poorly written resume
  • Bad candidates may be selected for the next step because the candidate uses the right keywords but lacks the skills to jump in and do the job right

Employa can process an unlimited number of CVs simultaneously, reducing the parsing and screening phases to a few seconds. Employa looks for relevant experience and real competencies instead of fancy buzzwords, and identifies gaps in candidate CVs, so good candidates stand out from the pack.

4. Chatbots in AI Recruiting

It is no secret that applicants often feel burned out by the job application process, especially when 65 percent of them report never or rarely receiving any notice on their status. This lack of communication can leave people with a negative view of these companies. Artificial Intelligence tools like chatbots often can give immediate screening feedback to a candidate.

Chatbots are taking over the labor-intensive and time-consuming communication-based tasks that recruiters are usually responsible for, like interview scheduling and answering candidate queries. Rather than filling out multiple pages of forms to apply to a new role, jobseekers can submit an application in minutes by answering a chatbot’s questions via text messages. Indeed found that 78 percent of candidates would apply over their phones this way if they could choose. By not providing that option, you may be losing potential engagement.

Employa helps to engage a candidate in dialogue via notes and grants access to a personal profile on Applicant Portal, where the candidate can track his ranking in real-time and improve it by providing more detailed information.

5. Face Artificial Analysis

Have you ever lied during a job interview? Most of us have, at least, exaggerated a little. But next time around, artificial intelligence may be watching your face’s every move, assessing the honesty of your answers, as well as your emotions in general. It may also try to determine whether your personality is a good fit for the job. AI now is used to measure candidates’ facial expressions and further assess their personality traits.

The software selects what it believes are the best matches and returns those to a human recruiter, along with notes from the AI about what it observed in each candidate. A lot of major employers, from Dunkin Donuts to IBM to Carnival Cruise Lines to the Boston Red Sox are using the service quite actively.

Here we named just 5 AI uses in recruitment but , there are much more than that and if you really would like to stay on top of the technology and new developments in the AI world you should keep an eye on the new trends in upcoming 2021.

Stay tuned with the latest recruiting trends and tools with Employa!

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