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Candidate Sourcing in 2022: Harnessing the Power of Job Boards

Candidate sourcing has always been challenging, but it is even more so in 2022. In today’s competitive talent market, it may take weeks or even months for recruiters to source the right candidate. This can often be experienced in the tech industry with high-demand positions such as software developers, products managers, and information security analysts. However, despite the challenges, sourcing and recruiting top talent remain the key to achieving organizational goals.

To stay ahead of the competition, recruiters need to explore different sourcing channels. According to a survey conducted by Job Seekers Trends, online job boards are the most effective channel for recruiters and job seekers to find each other. However, it is also estimated that there are approximately 50,000 online job boards globally.

With so many options, how do you know which job board is best for your recruitment?

While the number of online job sites may seem endless, tapping into the right talent pool does not have to be a guessing game. To help you navigate that wealth of options, we’ve compiled a list of the best job boards you should use for candidate sourcing in 2022.

The Benefits of Using Job Boards

Job boards are a low-cost yet effective sourcing channel that makes it easier for recruiters to find qualified candidates. Here are the top advantages of using job boards for candidates sourcing:

Job boards offer wide talent pools

Job boards are not just a place for recruiters to advertise their open positions. Job seekers often upload their resumes for employers to find. It makes job boards a great place to source passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job but are open to new opportunities. 

Job boards reduce screening time

Resume screening is the most time-consuming part of recruiting: According to data from LinkedIn, recruiters spend an average of 23 hours screening resumes per hire. Job boards allow recruiters to reduce the screening time by allowing them to set the search requirements and only receive matching results. Instead of manually sifting through hundreds of resumes, recruiters only have to evaluate those who meet the requirements. 

Job boards represent a branding opportunity

Most job boards have an employer section with company profiles that offer great branding opportunities. Companies can present themselves, their mission, and their objectives to potential candidates. Employers can add links to the company’s website and social media profiles—some platforms even allow reviews from past employees. Such descriptions give job seekers valuable insights into the company’s culture, which can become a deciding factor in their application.

Job boards allow recruiters to focus on their desired audience

Apart from general job boards, recruiters may also benefit from niche job sites that offer what big boards cannot—specialist positions, expert candidates, and targeted resources. Niche boards can have different focuses: industry, location, or experience level. Recruiters can choose specialized job boards to target their open positions towards the most relevant and qualified candidates in the sector.

General Job Boards vs. Niche Job Boards

General and niche job sites serve different functions, and recruiters should rely on their specific recruitment needs when choosing the type of job board to use.

“Niche sites have always talked about having a focused and very specific candidate audience. Generalist sites talk about traffic and big numbers. Niche sites will never have the traffic of the generalist sites and the generalist sites will never have the focus of the niche sites.”

Jeff Dickey-Chasins, a job-board consultant

On general job boards, it can be difficult to narrow down positions that require a specific set of skills. However, generic job sites offer a large volume of potential candidates and broad demographics, which is their main advantage. Most of these job boards are widely known, so they attract different employees and are perfect for companies looking to fill a general position.

On the other hand, niche job boards allow employers to focus their sourcing efforts on a particular audience. They are typically industry-focused (e.g., tech, advertising, human resources) and allow recruiters to post job ads so that targeted specialists can locate them in one place. Niche boards are ideal for companies looking for employees with specific skills. However, they should be aware that while they will most likely attract the right people when advertising on a niche job site, the number of potential candidates may be much lower in comparison.

If you are still unsure which type of job board is right for your hiring needs, try sourcing candidates on both platforms and then evaluate the results. We listed the top 2022 job boards for you to consider when looking for the best talent.

How to Source Candidates on Job Boards

Find suitable job sites for your role

To save time and avoid hiring the wrong candidates, you should choose the relevant job posting sites based on your recruitment needs. The most suitable job boards may not be the most popular ones, so don’t be afraid to try out new sites. Apart from popular job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor, there are many more options to consider. FlexJob, for example, is best for employers looking to fill remote positions, whereas AngelList is perfect for startups. For tech candidates, you should check out niche job sites such as Dice or Mashable. You can also consider non-traditional job boards such as StackOverflow and GitHub, where recruiters can get in touch with developers. LinkedIn, as a professional network, can also be a great place to post job openings and get in touch with potential candidates.

Search resumes online

Although job posting sites are normally used for advertising jobs, they can also serve as resume databases and provide additional candidate sourcing options for recruiters by encouraging candidates to upload their resumes on their portals. Websites like Indeed and Craigslist invite job seekers to upload resumes to their profiles to increase their chances of being discovered by employers. Therefore, instead of simply waiting for candidates to apply for the position, you can search through the portal database to find qualified passive candidates. Many job boards allow recruiters to use multiple filters to narrow down the resume search to save time and find candidates that best match their requirements.

Utilize sourcing technology

You can also benefit from using sourcing-specific tools for recruiters. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to manage the recruitment process and keep track of all the vacancies you posted on job boards and other platforms. AI-powered sourcing tools like Employa can help you save time on sourcing and find qualified candidates in a short period.

Let Employa Source Candidates for You

Employa is an AI-driven research assistant that helps you find and recruit top candidates by automatically posting your job positions to relevant job websites. Employa can be integrated with your existing ATS, or you can use it as a full-service agency that combines AI and human recruitment efforts. Employa is dedicated to helping recruiters meet their recruitment needs and facilitate their hiring process.

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