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Employa MatchMaster - First Aid AI Recruiting App

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Employa MatchMaster, a game-changing application based on AI technology.  Employa MatchMaster empowers recruiters to reach the most lucrative job candidates and engages them with an unprecedented variety of ways.  

Employa Matchmaster is an all-in-one AI-based Recruitment Service solution that saves time and money by hiring the best candidates. Whether you are looking for AI-driven solutions to make recruiters’ jobs easier or trying to find a way to bring candidate matching to a new level, Employa MatchMaster is the answer to all your needs and will let you stay ahead of the competition for years to come.

AI for recruiting is an emerging category of HR technology designed to reduce — or even eliminate — time-consuming activities.

However, AI is not a silver bullet and cannot be adopted in a black-box. The effectiveness of AI-powered recruiting technologies are constantly evolving and we will be happy to help you to navigate these challenges.52% of talent acquisition leaders surveyed by LinkedIn say the hardest part of recruitment is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool. Employa MatchMaster does it with the click of a mouse!

Employa MatchMaster takes a different approach to head hunting, here are some of our key advantages:
  • Fraud detection powered by our proprietary AI
  • Transparency: candidates get notice of customized red flags on their application with an opportunity to clarify that red flag and improve their rankings. 
  • Personal recruiter add-on: avoid the time and expense of adding full-time employees to your recruiting team by working with our professional recruiter, who can accelerate finding the best candidates and the benefits of Matchmaster

We make recruiting fast and easy, while saving big companies thousands of dollars when hiring developers. In minutes recruiters can get a shortlist of the best candidates. At the same time the developer candidates experience a transparent and streamlined hiring process. 

The recent past has shown us that, in one form or another, AI is becoming a must-have in every recruiter’s toolbox.

Check our website and see how Employa can help you to save time and money on hiring efforts

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