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Top 5 Must-Read Books for Recruiters

Every year, the changing landscape of the talent market forces talent acquisition professionals to adapt their recruitment strategies. HR books offer recruiters valuable insights about current trends, working strategies, and skills necessary to stay competitive in the fierce talent market.

Whether early in your career or as an experienced HR professional looking to expand your knowledge base, reading HR books is a great way to support your interest and learning. Here is a list of books about recruiting to help you excel in hiring and gain a competitive advantage in navigating the overwhelming recruiting process.

Full Stack Recruiter

Author: Jan Tegze

This is one of the top HR books on the market that offers a comprehensive and insightful guide to sourcing and recruiting the market. “Full Stack Recruiter” is for talent acquisition professionals at all levels who want to take their careers to the next level. The book covers most recruiting topics, from comprehensive sourcing on different channels to the history of recruitment, candidate experience, recruitment analytics, interviewing process, and many more. Jan Tegze, an accomplished recruiter and sourcer, shares smart techniques, tips, and tricks he discovered throughout the years to help readers find guidance and opportunities to become better recruiters.

Talent Without Borders

Authors: Jeff A. Weekley, Julian Dalzell, and Robert E. Ployhart

When talent is scarce and finding the right talent at the right time is challenging, generating a competitive advantage in the talent market is crucial. “Talent Without Borders” offers a unique approach to help recruiters think about identifying, attracting, and hiring professionals globally. The book shows how to use data and analytics to enable evidence-based decisions when hiring globally. It considers the entire talent life cycle, from sourcing through retention.

People Strategy

Author: Jack Altman

People Strategy, a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, provides a unique framework for recruiters and HR managers to build a strong company culture to increase employee engagement and productivity. This book is all about people strategy - the set of practices that help recruiters and business leaders hire, retain, and grow their employees to achieve companies’ goals. Jack Alman, CEO and co-founder of Lattice has spent over ten years working in leading global companies and is a contributing writer for many HR publications.

“Ask yourself this: you wouldn’t go into your annual planning stage without a sales strategy or a marketing strategy or a product strategy, so why would you go forward without a People strategy?”

Jack Alman, People Strategy

The Remote Revolution

Author: John Elston

The book advocates for changing the way employers think about hiring, retaining, and treating their employers. John Elston, the author of the book, encourages HR professionals, business leaders, and anyone looking to tap into a dynamic talent market to get involved in the Remote Revolution. His real-life experiments as a location-independent professional prove that remote workers can bridge work and life experiments to increase productivity. The book helps readers to rethink their remote hiring practices so that more companies can benefit from recruiting remote workers.

How to Hire A Players

Author: Eric Herrenkohl

Published in 2010, Eric Herrenkohl’s book is a must-read for anyone connected to recruiting and talent development. “How to Hire A-Players” is the hiring managers’ guide that shows HR managers of small and medium-sized companies where and how to find A-players. By A-players, the author means individuals who will help keep quality high and grow strong. The book explains how to use your existing marketing and networking efforts to find top talent. It covers current examples of companies that manage to hire A-players without big recruiting departments, as well as detailed explanations for making these strategies work in your own organization.

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