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5 LinkedIn Alternatives For Candidate Sourcing

LinkedIn is among the most popular platforms for finding jobs or developing recruitment processes in the United States in 2022. If you are a talent acquisition specialist looking to hire top talent, LinkedIn will allow you to develop numerous recruitment techniques. LinkedIn makes recruiting easy - you might even ask why you need to bother searching for alternatives. 

Even though LinkedIn has a vast professional public database full of talented specialists, it still has some limitations. Therefore, searching for alternatives may be a smart strategy for recruiters whose sourcing with Linkedin did not meet their expectations.


GitHub is a great sourcing alternative for recruiters looking to hire tech talent. GitHub is a platform where different members of the software development community collaborate. GitHub is a great source of tech talent. There are more than 40 million users ranging from students to experienced workers, contributing to the platform for networking, learning, and practicing. 

You can perform a Boolean search directly into the top bar of the website to find the best candidates. There are some types of criteria that you can set to search on GitHub for tech talents, such as location, programming language, education, uploaded resumes, and others. You can access profiles of matched candidates and check their projects to evaluate their skills.


Twitter is one of the best social media platforms you can use for candidate sourcing as it allows searching for various individuals based on their areas of interest and location. More than 50% of job seekers use Twitter to look for job opportunities, and there are more activities on this platform than on professionally minded LinkedIn. Sourcing with Twitter can be effective if you search for people who work at a specific company or location. Another popular way to discover talent on Twitter is by searching for roles, for example, “Software Engineer” or “Digital Marketer.” 

Indeed Resume

Indeed Resume is another great platform for sourcing candidates who meet your hiring criteria and reaching out to begin the conversation. It allows you to use the “where” and “what” fields to narrow the search results for candidates. You can search for top talent who have worked at specific companies, those with certain titles, certifications, and language fluency. Once you’ve set search criteria, you can receive a daily or weekly email with a list of matched candidates. Moreover, Indeed Resume allows you to save and download resumes as part of your search process and share them with a colleague. 


Reddit is one of the biggest online communities today, with 330 million users making it a valuable source of passive talent. Sourcing on Reddit is much more time-consuming, but the quality of candidates can be better than on other platforms. Moreover, there is less competition for talent as strict community rules confuse recruiters and put them off using the website. Besides recruiting, you can also use Reddit to get to know the candidates from your industry better. On Reddit, users feel freer to express themselves and share opinions about their jobs and industries. You can use this information to understand what potential candidates care about and adjust your recruiting strategies accordingly. 


Automated Candidate Sourcing can be a faster and more efficient way to find, reach, and engage top talent. Advanced sourcing technologies are designed to match companies with the most suitable candidates. Employa is an AI-driven sourcing solution that helps quickly find qualified talent. It can save up to 5 hours per 100 candidates sourced while shortening the hiring cycle’s length. Employa is an ATS add-on that allows you to set unlimited search criteria to find a candidate that meets your unique hiring needs from a rich talent database. 

Employa improves candidate engagement and ensures a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring process. It automatically asks candidates questions to fill in the information gaps in resumes, allows you to send personalized messages, and shares feedback with candidates to leave a positive impression. 

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