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Hiring Generation Z: What You Need to Know

Knowing how to appeal to different generations is key to hiring top talent for your company. Generation Z is the fastest-growing generation in the workforce. They are born between the late 1990s and 2010 and are creative, adaptable, ambitious, and favor workplace culture like no other generation. By 2030, Generation Z employees are expected to make up 30% of the global workforce. With a fresh pool of talented workers starting to appear on the market, it is definitely time to start searching and recruiting these new job candidates. We listed a few things you need to keep in mind when attracting, recruiting, and retaining Generation Z.

Top Reasons to Hire Generation Z

Companies around the world benefit from the innovations and ideas of their employees. So, no wonder you want to hire top talent and see what they can offer to your company. To do so, you need to learn everything about what motivates Generation Z and what makes them valuable assets to your organization.

They are digital natives

Generation Z is the first generation who grew up with technology and consequently had little memory of life before gadgets. The ease of having 24/7 access to information has shaped the way Gen Z learns, communicates, and approaches problems. Their extensive knowledge of technology will, without a doubt, be of great value to your business. 

They are adoptable

Attitudes towards work are constantly evolving. Fewer people are feeling under pressure to take on jobs that others expect them to do, and instead exploring different avenues of interest. This change in attitude has helped Generation Z to develop qualities such as adaptability and flexibility. They happily throw themselves into different roles where they develop new skills, ultimately making themselves valuable assets to the company.

They are the future 

As mentioned, Generation Z will account for a third of the global workforce by 2030. Additionally, Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in history. Diversity in the workplace can bring multiple benefits to an organization, including greater productivity and profitability, lower retention rates, and faster growth.

Generation Z Recruiting Strategies 

Invest in social media recruitment 

Generation Z is comprised of digital natives. Having an active online presence can help attract and engage potential candidates. Gen Z job seekers have a strong interest in the company's culture and the social issues it cares about. Advertising your company online through a career page on your website, social media profiles, or online job postings can ensure you attract talented Gen Z employees. It is important to keep an eye on current employment trends and tailor your online presence to match where Gen Z is engaging. 

"Gen Z are very socially conscious in terms of they want to work for a company that has good values and that has a good culture. They often have strong opinions and are willing to fight for the things they believe in."

Lauren Sovisky, marketing communication specialist at Erie Insurance

Personalize communication strategy

Generation Z has different values than its predecessors. Therefore, tailoring the recruitment strategies to target Gen Z job seekers specifically can be valuable when searching for new talent. Using the right communication tools, messaging, and hiring timeline can significantly impact a candidate's experience. According to the research, email is Gen Z's top choice to communicate with potential employers. A growing number of Gen Z applicants prefer text messaging to connect with companies. Take this information into account when communicating with Gen Z candidates, as a personalized communication strategy can be the difference between an accepted offer and losing top talent to a competitor. 

Promote growth and development

Gen Zers are focused on professional and personal growth as they start their careers. The potential for advancement is one of the most important factors Gen Zers consider when looking for a job. "They don't care so much about job titles, but instead what their opportunity is for growth," said Matt Thomas, director of talent acquisition for Inspire Brands in Atlanta. According to LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning Report, 76% of Generation Z candidates believe that learning is the key to a successful career. Moreover, 40% of Gen Zers are willing to accept a pay cut of up to 5% of their salary for a role that offers better career growth. 

One way to attract Gen Z applicants is by focusing on creating clear career paths at your organization. You should make clear to candidates that there will be opportunities down the line to gain new skills and take on more responsibilities. Putting resources into advancement opportunities and early leadership development and encouraging feedback and creative thinking are some other ways employers can help Gen Z feel satisfied with their company choice. 

Incorporate AI to keep them engaged 

Employers can incorporate AI and text automation into their hiring strategies to keep Gen Zers engaged throughout the entire process. Candidates can receive and quickly reply to messages no matter where they are. 

AI-powered systems can significantly speed up the recruitment process by automating communication. For example, Employa’s AI-driven tool can be used to communicate with candidates, schedule emails, send follow-ups, and stay tuned for updates. The system can also automatically send messages to candidates and request more information if something is missing from the resume.

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