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Lever Applicant Tracking System

Companies that want to hire efficiently and deliver positive candidate experience need sophisticated technology to optimize the recruitment process. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a great way to automate the hiring process through streamlined workflows, better sourcing, and customizable functionality like career sites, job board distribution, and candidate communication. According to Gartner, 78% of HR professionals say using an ATS helps recruit better candidates. 

Among hundreds of available software, many recruiters choose Lever, the only platform that provides recruiters with complete ATS and CRM capabilities in one product. Lever makes it easy for talent acquisition teams to reach their hiring goals and to connect companies with top talent. It becomes even more efficient when integrated with other software, like Employa. In this article, we will look at Lever ATS, its main features, and advantages and suggest an integration that will make your experience with Lever more enjoyable. 

Lever Applicant Tracking System

Lever is a leading applicant tracking system that offers various services to meet the hiring needs of small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses. Lever supports the hiring needs of more than 4,000 companies around the globe and remains a top solution for thousands of recruiters. With advanced integrations, Lever is well-suited to companies looking to automate applicant tracking and form a relationship with suitable candidates. It offers features like sourcing, resume parsing, candidate management, customizable pipeline, and others. 

The Benefits of Using Lever ATS

  • Lever is the only platform that provides hiring teams from all-sized companies a complete ATS and CRM platform in a single solution.
  • Lever’s software helps recruiters maintain a pipeline of engaged candidates. 
  • The platform’s automation hub handles all manual hiring activities, such as emailing, archiving, and advancing candidates.
  • Lever’s advanced analytics offers flexible reporting and easy-to-use analytics tools that make it easy to develop meaningful and actionable insights.
  • The software takes diversity into consideration with Equal Employment Opportunity surveys that help companies collect diversity data from candidates.
  • Lever easily integrates with other systems and tools.

Lever Products and Features 

Lever comes with a number of useful features that help recruiters manage hiring functions:

Lever Hire 

Lever Hire is a complete recruiting solution that uses various tools to ensure users get the best-matched candidates for the job. The system makes it easy to create a candidate profile that consolidates information and communication about the applicant in a single historical record. Lever helps create easy-to-use career pages, viewable job applications, as well as interview schedules where candidates can book the time themselves. Some other Lever Hire tools include customizable interview kits and a to-do list in a candidate dashboard.

Lever Nurture 

Lever Nurture allows HR teams to add new or existing Lever candidates to their email campaigns. It equips recruiters with powerful workflow automation technology to deliver personalized communications to passive candidates. The system also gives recommendations, including candidates that fit the company’s hiring requirements. 

Lever Analytics

Lever Analytics offers flexible reporting and easy-to-use analytics tools so that hiring teams can efficiently track their pipeline. It includes visual dashboards that inform about source effectiveness, conversion rates, and other essential metrics. The software also allows importing metrics from other systems and exporting Lever data to other software. 

Lever’s Integration with Employa

Employa’s integration with Lever brings an efficient candidate sourcing solution to Lever’s powerful software. The direct connection between Employa’s sourcing tools and Lever ATS allows users to quickly fill their talent pipeline with qualified candidates by leveraging the database of resumes the company has collected in Lever Software. Employa minimizes manual work by allowing to set advanced criteria to get more accurate search results. Moreover, it ensures transparency of an ATS search by presenting reasons for the rank of each candidate. In addition, Employa improves communication and helps to maintain a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring process.

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