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Sourcing Tools for Recruiters

It’s no secret that hiring the right people for your team is challenging. With various studies proving the high cost of a bad hire, finding a qualified candidate is essential to the success of the entire organization. The right candidate means greater productivity and lower employee turnover. 

Among the multiple methods, candidate sourcing continues to be the best strategy to find the right person for the open position. Only 36% of the workforce is actively looking for a new job, but an overwhelming 90% is willing to consider a new opportunity. Candidate sourcing attracts a large number of applicants, thus increasing the chances of finding the right candidate for your job. 

New tools and technologies evolve to support the growing need for talent sourcing, making sourcing far more effective. The best sourcing tools for recruiters allow hiring managers to reach new talent pools and engage relevant candidates to close even hard-to-fill positions. This article explains how sourcing tools work, detail what they are used for, and offer tips for choosing the right sourcing tool for your recruitment needs. 

How Do Sourcing Tools Work?

Talent sourcing tools are digital programs recruiters use to find potential employees. Sourcing tools can include software, programs, applications, and online portals. Sourcing technology is designed to help recruiters and HR managers find potential employees proactively by searching through resumes, profiles, online presence, performance, or other information about candidates. In addition, sourcing tools may also help with collecting data on potential candidates and contacting them. Sourcing tools are usually used for:

  • Outsourcing the recruitment process
  • Finding unique candidates for positions
  • Gathering lists of potential candidates 
  • Improving hiring practices 

Benefits of Using Sourcing Tools

An effective sourcing tool can help you make your recruitment process more efficient. The benefits include reduced hiring time, better candidate matching, and engagement. 

Candidate matching

Some tools allow you to set parameters to choose the qualified candidates. You can set keyword matches, such as those that signal relevant job skills and management experience, which helps find candidates that exactly match your requirements.

Time saver

Talent acquisition professionals spend nearly one-third of their workweek sourcing candidates for one role. Technology does sourcing for you, thus saving hours that you can spend on more valuable tasks. 

Better candidate engagement 

Sourcing tools can automate more than 75% of recruitment process communications. Some tools can answer common questions, send updates, and verify qualifications. 

Choosing The Right Sourcing Tool

While the benefits of using sourcing tools for recruiters are clear, you still need to ensure you choose the right software that meets your recruitment needs. First of all, you need to prioritize the factors you care about. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Functionality: the most important factor determining what the tool can actually do.
  • Price: it is important to choose a tool with a price that matches its usefulness to your recruitment strategy.
  • Type: determine the type of tool based on your sourcing needs. 
  • Customer support: without competent customer support, you may end up wasting time trying to figure out how to use the tool.

Some other things that you’ll want to think about when choosing a sourcing tool are company size, industry, and turnover. When selecting which sourcing tool to integrate into your business, access your own needs and especially what issues you currently have in your current sourcing process. 

Looking for an Efficient Sourcing Tool?

Finding the right sourcing tool for recruiters that helps speed up the process, identify qualified candidates, and provide a positive candidate experience is challenging. But the key to choosing the right software is to find a credible company. Employa is the number one sourcing tool for recruitment. Our software understands that each company has unique hiring needs and offers a variety of candidate sourcing tools for recruiters to find a candidate who perfectly matches your job requirements.

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