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Resume Automated Screening 

While it is possible to screen resumes manually in a low-volume environment, HR technology can be used to review applications at scale. Resume automated screening tools have become quite common in the recruiting industry for their high efficiency. An intelligent candidate screening software streamlines the complete hiring process, saving time and costs while promoting faster decision-making with high-quality results. The statistics suggest that recruiters spend up to 20% less time hiring using HR software. In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know about resume automated screening. 

What is Resume Automated Screening?

As the name suggests, resume automated screening is the use of automation tools to fast-track your resume-screening processes. By tapping into your database and working with your criteria on what makes up a great candidate, AI-powered software can start screening. It finds and identifies qualified candidates for you based on your requirements and highlights the resumes that meet your criteria. The software eliminates candidates without the right qualifications and collects data on the decisions it makes. Moreover, many resume screening software, besides helping save the workload, can offer a complete talent acquisition cycle to streamline your workflow effectively.

How Does Resume Automated Screening Work?

AI candidate screening software uses a resume parser tool for automated resume screening. The software extracts information from a resume and then categorizes extracted values into different sections in a searchable database. The categories are usually the details mentioned on a resume, such as education, working experience, personal information, job profiles, etc. 

Once the resumes have been categorized, the software will match them against pre-defined criteria set by the talent acquisition specialist. After screening all the candidates, the tool classifies the resumes into several categories - usually those who meet the criteria and those who don’t - and presents this information to a recruiter in the form of a report. 

Benefits of Automating the Resume Screening Process 

Saves your team a significant amount of time

As with any form of automation, AI-powered resume screening technology is noticeably quicker than manual screening. On average, recruiters spend 7 seconds reviewing a resume, while HR software can screen hundreds or even thousands of resumes in that time. When mass hiring, automated resume screening can turn a multi-week project into a few days of simple program maintenance, thus saving your company time and resources. 

Once your recruiters experience these time savings, they can shift their focus on strategic tasks and allocate more of their effort to business-critical work. This would enable you to get significant value from your HR resources.

Ensures higher accuracy and reduces bias

As mentioned earlier, on average, a recruiter spends 7 seconds scanning a resume. This may lead to human errors such as ignoring appropriate resumes or short-listing unqualified candidates. Moreover, there could also be an unconscious bias that causes recruiters to form an opinion about a candidate based exclusively on first impression. Resume automated screening technology can reduce bias and implement rule-based resume screening without any scope of human errors. 

Improves candidate experience

Delaying response to a candidate can significantly lower their interest in your role. According to a study by Robert Half, 62% of candidates lose their interest in the company if it takes 10 business days or longer for a recruiter to respond. An automated resume screening software can help reduce the risk of delaying response and improve candidate experience. 

Is Automated Resume Screening Right for You?

If chosen properly, AI resume screening software is a piece of technology that many recruiters find they cannot work without. If you plan on taking on a large number of resumes, an automated screening tool is a great way to save time and resources while improving the quality of hire. MatchMiner by Employa is an AI-driven sourcing solution that helps find qualified talent quickly and efficiently. It saves up to 5 hours per 100 candidates sourced while shortening the hiring cycle’s length. If you are thinking about how to screen resumes more effectively, contact Employa, and we will help you!

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